Ozy, Louise Miller and/or her fans (I think they are all her in disguise), is writing some total lies about me on her Pub. She claims I stalked JG back in April ’12. Fact is I went to NYC and was able to catch the Newman performance. I met a friend for lunch in Tribeca and ran into him on the sidewalk. I was so flustered I could barely speak. Anyway, I started out looking for a forum at the Pub, quickly realized she was nuts and found your blog. I left and told her why and have challenged her a couple times since. That was when she just made me so mad I could not contain myself. Just about everything she says makes me want to scream so I have had to use a lot of self-control. Now I guess she is giving me the Louise “punishment”. She is also using the departure of Kari from here to slam and disrespect you. I think she wants to destroy your blog. I stopped posting here because I got “bitch slapped”  for being too nice. I totally don’t understand how a nice guy who is hilarious and can sing like no one else can have such mean-spirited and over the top fans. I hoped I could share my mutual excitement about JG with other fans but I guess it just is not to be. I will continue to read here. I don’t go to the Pub but was told I might want to read there by a fan I talk to privately on Twitter. Too bad it is so crazy in JG fan world. I guess I’ll just enjoy from my little corner of space.